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R PiHome+ | DIY Raspberry Pi Home Automation – Control Heating Kit

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R PiHome+ | DIY Raspberry Pi Home Automation – Control Heating Kit

  • SD Card With Preinstalled OS & R PiHome Scripts (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RASPBERRY PI 3B+/4)

  • 2x Temperature Probe (please select configuration from drop-down menu)

  • 1x Resistor

  • 7x Dupont Cables

  • 1x 2-Channel Relay Board

  • Compatible with Raspberry PI B/B+/2/3/ZERO


logo7 Raspberry Pi Home Automation
Heating sections Unlimited 1
Hot water sections Unlimited 0
Multitask Yes Yes
Temperature Comparison Yes No
Additional functions Yes No
Timeslots per Day 4 4
Away Mode Yes No
Boost Yes No
Home automation No Yes
Free Trial Yes No

Click for conection scheme

R PiHome+ can remote heating system, display and record into the database the temperature of more than 10 conected temperature probes. After installing all of the probes, select one as primary. The central heating system is regulated by the primary probe.

raspberry pi remote heating
R PiHome+ Remote heating




You can configure different temperatures throughout each day. By default, each day is split into 4 different periods; you may, however, split each day separately into 3, 2 or 1 periods based on your preferences. Similarly, each period can have its own specific timeframe and temperature.

Raspberry Pi Home Automation
R PiHome+ Temperatures Settings




  1. :

    I am Using instead of my old heating timer. Control central heating over the internet is the best feature of the produst :-)

  2. :

    The product provides a great value, for reasonable pricing. The best is: no cloud. Even most of the world is happy with cloud services, this solution is awesome as not forcing you to use them.

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