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R PiHome+ | Raspberry Pi Home Automation

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Product Description

R PiHome+ | Raspberry Pi Home Automation


  • 1x SD Card With Preinstalled OS & R PiHome Scripts (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH RASPBERRY PI 3B+/4)

  • Compatible with Raspberry PI B/B+/2/3/ZERO

  • Not include any sensors



R PiHome+ …

…controls door

magnetic contact raspberry pi remote garage door
Open = High status
Closed = Low status

…remote (garage) door upon your departure. Based on which devices are connected/disconnected to your LAN/Wifi, R PiHome+ is able to control the appliances. E.g.: when you leave the house and your phone disconects from Wifi, Raspberry Pi automatically turns off the lights and sockets, closes the garage door, and locks the front door.

With a magnetic sensor you can check if the doors/windows are open or closed.

Task example: The task is triggered by opening the garage door (magnetic sensor). After 500 seconds, the R PiHome+ checks the status of the mobile phone and if the condition is met, the garage door will close.

remote garage door raspberry pi
R PiHome+ Task


…controls sprinkler

remote sprinkler rain sensor raspberry pi R PiHome connection scheme
No raining = High status
Raining = Low status


…remote sprinkler based on the weather. Raindrop Detection Sensor collects data and lets Raspberry Pi know whether there is a drop on the pad, or not.


Task example: The task is triggered every day at 19:15. The rainfalls are being monitored for 43,200 seconds (12 hours). If it was not raining during the time frame, the relay will have been turned on for 1,800 seconds (30 minutes).

Raspberry Pi Home Automation
R PiHome+ Task


…security system

pir sensor raspberry pi  R PiHome connection diagram
Motion = High status
No motion= Low status

…change your Raspberry Pi to security system. You get a notification when someone breaks into your property. Alternatively, you could monitor your children what time they arrive at home. Additionally, magnetic sensors are able to detect opening of the door.

magnetic-contact connection scheme raspberry pi
Open = High status
Closed = Low status

Task example: If the PIR sensor or the magnetic sensor is triggered, Raspberry Pi checks the status of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone was disconected from Wifi, a notification mail will be sent, and the output “Siren” will have been turned on for 120 seconds.

Raspberry Pi Home Automation
R PiHome+ Task


…controls lights

remote light light sensor raspberry pi connection diagram
During night = High status
Presence of the Sun (day)= Low status

…remote (garden) lights based on the level of visibility. Place a light sensor on a spot you wish to gather the information from, and setup the threshold value to remote lights.

Task example: After the exceeding of the threshold value (the light sensor status becomes high), and it is after 19:00, the Raspberry Pi will turn on the outdoor lights.

raspberry pi remote lights
R PiHome+ Task



pir sensor raspberry pi connection scheme
Motion = High status
No motion= Low status



If you connect an additional PIR sensor to your Raspberry Pi, you can remote the lights upon a movement.

Task example: If the PIR sensor is triggered, then R PiHome+ checks the level of visibility and current time. If all conditions were met the light relay will have been turned on for 15 seconds.

remote lights raspberry pi
R PiHome+ Task

…controls heating

Click for conection scheme

R PiHome+ can remote heating system, display and record into the database the temperature of more than 10 conected temperature probes. After installing all of the probes, select one as primary. The central heating system is regulated by the primary probe.

raspberry pi remote heating
R PiHome+ Remote heating




You can configure different temperatures throughout each day. By default, each day is split into 4 different periods; you may, however, split each day separately into 3, 2 or 1 periods based on your preferences. Similarly, each period can have its own specific timeframe and temperature.

Raspberry Pi Home Automation
R PiHome+ Temperatures Settings


Additional Information

Raspberry Pi model:

1 A|B|B+, 2 B


  1. :

    I can highly recommend this package for using your Pi for Home Automation solution.
    For the less-technical individual it provides a simple user interface for configuring your Pi with external sensors and relays to control almost anything.

    The only thing it is missing is the ability to add your own functionality via an API calls or database table.
    I also found it a challenge to get my WiFi dongle connected, but this is no criticism of the package as it is a Pi issue.

    With the help of support I have been able to set my system up as a central heating controller, with the ability to have a 1 or 2 hours “boost” and holiday mode where the heating does not turn on.

    I’ve put the Pi, relays and USB power supply in a plastic box and screwed to the all next to my boiler.

    If anyone wants to know how I have done this, I’d be happy let you you know, or provide help with your own project.

    Regards Dave

  2. :

    Nice and easy to use if you follow the instructions (unlike me), fantastic support. Works like a dream. I had only owned a Pi for about a day and have never done anything like this, it gave me great satisfaction controlling my central heating.

  3. :

    please help me ! can I install R PiHome+ on multiple board raspberry pi or i must buy multiple sd card ?

    • :

      each licence is valid only for 1 raspberry pi.

  4. :

    hello can pay R PiHome+ only software (send file by email or give me download link ) without ship SDCard ?

  5. :

    hello! it is possible to control a 3-way valve with a servo motor esbe ara 6xx series?

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