Remote Lights

remote light light sensor raspberry pi connection diagram
During night = High status
Presence of the Sun (day)= Low status

…remote (garden) lights based on the level of visibility. Place a light sensor on a spot you wish to gather the information from, and setup the threshold value to remote lights.

Task example: After the exceeding of the threshold value (the light sensor status becomes high), and it is after 19:00, the Raspberry Pi will turn on the outdoor lights.

raspberry pi remote lights
R PiHome+ Task



pir sensor raspberry pi connection scheme
Motion = High status
No motion= Low status



If you connect an additional PIR sensor to your Raspberry Pi, you can remote the lights upon a movement.

Task example: If the PIR sensor is triggered, then R PiHome+ checks the level of visibility and current time. If all conditions were met the light relay will have been turned on for 15 seconds. 

remote lights raspberry pi
R PiHome+ Task